Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Installing soil probes while the sun shines...

This morning I joined the Agrii installation team as six Adcon Telemetry soil moisture sensors and rain gauges were installed throughout the SPot Farm crop.

The main message from the team was that installation is key. The input at this stage is crucial in ensuring accurate and reliable sensor readings, and therefore meaningful monitoring data which will feed in to decision support systems and modelling.

Careful augering allowed the crew to retain the soil structure around each probe to provide a reflection of the wider field condition. And avoid hitting the seed potatoes too!

Each soil moisture sensor will now be recording soil moisture and temperature within the row, to a depth of 60cm and at 10cm intervals. The data will be feeding through into GPRS transmitters and a main receiver on site before being pooled in to an online system.

With a wealth of data now being gleaned from the site, over the coming days we’ll explore the data dashboards being created online and see how this information can be used.

Friday, 8 May 2015

Wind and a weather station

After a week or so away from site, things are looking slightly more weathered. And there's certainly some moisture about.

Hoping (and succeeding) to beat the forecast rain, the Agrii MetQuest team today installed the SPot Farm's weather station.

This particular system is equipped with an air temperature and humidity sensor, rain gauge, wind sensors, a pyranometer for measuring solar radiation levels as well as GPRS transmitters and a solar panel power supply.

And following shortly will be some soil moisture sensors and temperature probes.

Now live, collecting and recording weather information we soon hope to be able to share the data dashboard with you all.