Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Irrigation scheduling on site

We all recognise the importance of water and its value as a resource. With demand for water increasing, there is a need to justify applications and demonstrate efficient use, from the point of environmental protection, and to meet crop protocol requirements. 

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On site, James will be irrigating the crop with a boom irrigator using water supplied from his recently installed reservoir. The boom is on site now and ready to go. But with 27mm of rain at the weekend, it’s still on standby.

 Irrigation which is to be applied to the site is being scheduled using the NIAB-CUF Irrigation Model. Following set up, this uses weekly rainfall data collected from the on-site weather station, and the CanopyCheck app which measures crop ground cover. For more information on the NIAB-CUF tools visit: https://www.canopycheck.co.uk/Public  

As well as having the irrigation scheduled, there is also to be a deliberately ‘droughted’ area which will demonstrate the effect of missing irrigation at crucial stages.

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