Monday, 13 July 2015

NFU Potato Forum pledge support for SPot Farm

9 days, 21 hours and counting until our July Open Day!

Next week see's the SPot Farm Open Day take place, a chance to take an expert led tour around a comprehensive 20 hectare demonstration site.

Several members of NFU’s Potato Forum had a sneak preview at our farm walk evening during June and were really supportive of the range of work on display.

Gloucestershire seed grower Graham Nichols was emphatic. “We need to improve our operations all the time,” said Graham “Bit-by-bit, we need to get more efficient and increase our yields and quality if we are to remain competitive.

“I noted several areas where I could perhaps be making improvements on my own farm. I’ll certainly be back to see what the crop looks like later in the season. There is a considerable amount of knowledge being developed at this site and visiting the open day 23 July is a must.”

Seed rate principals and the yield impact of variable depth bed-forming, destoning, and bed tilling practices was popular with attendees.

“The work on seed bed depths and the time and savings associated with that was really impressive,” said Lancashire grower Robin Cropper. “I’d encourage other growers to see this for themselves and challenge their on-farm practice.”

An area which particularly impressed Norfolk Agronomist, Andy Alexander was the use of tram line and bed profile management tools on sloped ground. The study is evaluating the Richard Lapage Wonder Wheel; the Briggs Tied Ridger; and The Aqua Agronomy Creyke tied tracker roller. 

“Considerable run off was occurring following 25mm of irrigation in untreated areas,” said Andy “While in the trial area, run off was almost completely mitigated. Seeing these options in action really makes a difference.”

Register for the open day at or contact Miya Kotecha on 07792 209 919. 

I look forward to seeing you there!

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