Monday, 8 February 2016

VIDEO: Cultivation strategies

Are soils potentially being overworked? What’s the optimum depth for cultivation?

Potato cultivation is highly equipment, labour and energy consumptive, so the SPot farm sought to understand more about why the potato industry cultivates soil so intensively.

Findings from the 3 year AHDB Potatoes sponsored work, showed that when it comes to bed-forming and tilling, this can come noticeably shallower and actually maintain yield and quality whilst saving costs and improving work rates. 

The best approach for growers is a gradual move towards working shallower on their own soils” recommends Dr Mark Stalham, Research Scientist at NIAB CUF.
“Doing some controlled strips and coming up an inch in depth every year should lead to growers finding their own optimum.”

We will continue to demonstrate cultivation best practice in future years at Spot on different soil types, but for now, you can watch the full film here!

(For the background, see RESEARCHPROJECT: R459)

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