Thursday, 23 June 2016

'FAB' preparations

Preparations for next month’s open days are ramping up at quite a pace and we’re looking forward to those days where we’ll all get chance to meet and discuss the industry’s opportunities and challenges.

...on the subject of challenges, and things picking up in pace, if you’re signed up to our BlightWatch service (, no doubt you’ll have been receiving frequent alerts of Full Smith Periods of late.

With very wet and warm weather being a prevalent feature across the UK the past couple of weeks, we’re starting to see the optimal conditions for Late Blight outbreaks.

As part of our Fight Against Blight (FAB) campaign, we have a number of diligent scouts, carefully watching the crop for the first signs of the disease this season.
And we’re now starting to see a real increase in sample submissions from multiple regions.

Our online FAB maps available from can show you where positive samples are being reported down to a local level.

The maps also provide a sense of scale of the outbreak and any varietal information to note where available.

This should help you judge the correct level of protective action you need to take in this current period of increased Blight risk.

In order to have the best ‘risk picture’ possible, we continually need samples and extra scouts.

If you’re interested in contributing to the Fight Against Blight efforts, simply get in touch with me: Claire Hodge,, 0131 297 7462 

In the meantime, keep a keen eye on our Blight maps and hope to see you at one of our nationwide SPot Farm Open Days in July where we can share the current seasonal challenges with our industry peers. 

(Visit to register.) 

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