Monday, 27 June 2016

Hi, I'm Anne, your new contact for SPot Farm West

Hello, I'd like to introduce myself. I'm the new Knowledge Exchange Manager in AHDB Potatoes and I'll be taking care of the SPot Farm West project going forwards. 

I'll be your primary contact point for developments at the Staffordshire site, but still working with the wider team as I settle in. 

In fact, some of you may be wondering what Hannah Goodwin is up to following all her efforts in the first season of the SPot Farm programme. I'm glad to be able to report that Hannah continues to lend her expertise to AHDB and the levy payers in a new role as Senior Analyst in the Strategic Insight team, part of the market intelligence department.

I've been working for AHDB Horticulture's technical team for 2½ years now, but have had chance to collaborate with the potatoes sector, particularly on recent water abstraction requirements, working closely with Jenny Bashford on a joint project which included surveying the water requirements of growers

But even before that, potatoes have been in my background as I previously grew organic potatoes commercially in Northern Ireland.

My first visit to James and Sam Daw's farm in Staffordshire was on Wednesday, where Russet Burbank were being loaded out of store for sale, and this year's crop was being top dressed.

I also got chance to look at the plans for exhibitor displays and field plots in place for the visitor tours on our Open Day in a few weeks and was impressed to see how the whole estate is clearly farmed to a high standard, yet there is still space for nature. 

Before setting foot on the first demonstration plot in a field on the Thorpe Constantine site, a hare bounded away in front of me.

My first real chance to get to meet you all will be at the Open Day at SPot Farm West on Tuesday 19 July, I do hope you'll join me as we explore the demonstration sites and discuss the findings of the work. Be sure to sign yourself up for a session here before places are booked up.

My details if you'd like to connect before then:; 
024 7647 8668 or 07813 527 527

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