Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Scotland Open Day: Cultivating Ideas for the future of SPot Farm Scotland

Last we week launched SPot Farm Scotland

A short introduction to the day below, but if you prefer, some video capture of the event with input and views from some of you who made it there: 

A great day was had with over 100 people attending, giving growers and the wider potato industry opportunity to see the site and understand how the SPot Farm concept will be applied to Scotland. 

But most importantly on the agenda, was the chance to seek contributions to the development of the next three years of the project, which formally starts in 2017. 

A Scottish perspective on cultivations research

This spring, as a starting point, we set up cultivation demonstrations with NIAB CUF to measure the benefits of a shallower working depth. 

We set about comparing various cultivation depths in order to identify improved efficiencies with a focus on achieving marketable yield alongside reduced costs.

(click to enlarge)

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The work is looking promising and we are measuring the results throughout the season. 

We have also been given loads of ideas to develop for the future of SPot Farm Scotland and will keep you updated with the plans for future demonstrations. 

Thank you to everyone who attended and, just as importantly, everyone who made it work so well! A fantastic taster for what's to come.

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