Monday, 1 August 2016

Didn’t they do well… now it’s your turn!

Hi there, good of you to pop by!  

With this season’s activities well under way thanks to the united efforts of Messrs Burgess, Francis, Stalham and Tomalin earlier in the year, thoughts are turning to what might be showcased next season at SPot Farm East.   

This is where you come in, what would YOU, yes YOU guys and gals, want to see at SPot East and talk about on twitter in 2017… in relation to potatoes of course!!

This year we showcased at SPot Farm East:

  • Common Scab: control with minimum water use, varietal susceptibility & tolerance in packing and processing varieties.

  • Herbicides: Part funded by Belchim, this demonstration examined the efficacy and weed spectrum control from a range of residual herbicide combinations applied at standard crop timings. 

  • Irrigation efficiency: We assessed a number of variables contributing to the efficient application of water (Irrigation).

  • Nitrogen: An assessment of nitrogen movement & plant requirements under different irrigation regimes. 

  • PCN: a plot which the Deer found particularly attractive! Comparing tolerance & resistance in new & established commercial potato varieties to Globodera pallida (white potato cyst nematode).

  • Sulphur: A CUPGRA (Cambridge University Potato Growers Research Association) replicated trial to determine the importance of sulphur nutrition in potatoes.
Ideas for trials and demonstrations for next season have so far have included: varietal seasonal water management, soils management, the importance of organic matter, black spot, use of boom-mounted imagery & data sensors…

I am sure you will have your own thoughts and ideas and don’t forget a repeat is eligible for consideration, if it is important to you so, please do share your thoughts and see if your proposal turns into a practical demonstration or trial at SPot Farm East in 2017!

Suggestions on a postcard please (or email!) to Jenny Bashford, AHDB, Stoneleigh Park Kenilworth, Warwickshire CV8 2TL or

All proposals will be circulated to the SPot Farm East steering group and a long list drawn up for consideration at the next steering group meeting in the early autumn.  

So please get your thoughts and ideas to me by Friday 2nd September 2016.

Happy Harvesting!

Kind regards

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